At Balbirnie we have designated disabled parking at the Yew hedge some 20 yards to the left of Balbirnie’s front steps. We would like to point out that dependent on parking position, access can be onto loose stone chips, which then however lead to an access ramp

All main public areas, The Orangery and The Ballroom are all easily accessed.

On Balbirnie’s lower floor however, due to the architecture and layout of the Grade A Listed building, access to The Balbirnie Bistro and The Balbirnie Business Centre involves navigating a minimum of 6 steps, without ramp access. (From site investigations, ramp access cannot be established due to the physical angle of the stairs within the architecture itself.)

In terms of bedrooms, we do not have a lift to the upper floors of bedrooms. We do however have 7 bedrooms on the lower floor, and 4 of these are accessible without crossing any stairs, please bear in mind for room allocations.