Celebration of Life Memorial

Over many years, Balbirnie House has been the backdrop as a reception venue following many local funerals. Over recent years however, we have seen an accelerating shift whereby some families align towards turning many such occasions into …


A Celebration of Life Memorial .


Life celebrations are such a sensitive matter for all families, but one certainly worth highlighting. Our Special Events can also extend into considering special accommodation pricing, for everyone who attends any such occasions from afar.

Our Special Event Planning Department is at your disposal as always. These days we have a team of 5 working on event planning, and if asked to do so, we’re always delighted to make suggestions for any and all occasions.

Please liaise with our Special Events Team, with regards to timing for access for pre-preparations on the day of The Celebration of Life Memorial itself. We can display photographs, mementos, any and all such aspects, in advance of any funeral service, so as to be awaiting the arrival of guests. We have Bluetooth sound systems for music of your choice, played via your own device. We also have Bluetooth portable wall projectors, which you can use to show images or footage of your choice. We always advise clients to test run any technological equipment in advance of departing for a funeral service, on the day itself.


Talking of individuality and creativity: ‘100+ Best Celebration of Life Ideas!’ https://www.loveliveson.com/100-best-celebration-of-life-ideas-2

The heart image which we have used for this post, was selected by the team taking part in this morning’s 10.30am team briefing. Original article: CREATIVE WAYS TO INCORPORATE PHOTOS INTO A CELEBRATION OF LIFE SERVICE https://www.homesteaderslife.com/blog/creative-ways-to-incorporate-photos-into-a-celebration-of-life-service

Celebration of Individuality: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/magazine-31940529


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To make a reservation for either a Funeral, or a Celebration of Life Memorial, or for further information please contact our Special Events team


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