Responsible Drinking Policy

Balbirnie House Responsible Drinking Policy: Festive Period & Christmas Party Nights 

At Balbirnie we want everyone to really enjoy the time they share with us, whether as guests or employees.  In order to ensure that we can all have a great time over the festive period the hotel operate a responsible drinking policy in conjunction with our legal obligations under licensing legislation.  This document will allow you to understand the objectives of the responsible drinking policy and also what this means to you and your guests.

Our responsible drinking policy has been put in place to ensure that all of our guests and employees can enjoy the experience they have at the hotel, the key objectives are to prevent crime and disorder, prevent public nuisance, protecting public health, securing public safety and protecting children from harm.  In order for us to meet these objectives we have put in place the following policies and procedures.

Consumption of Alcohol not purchased from Balbirnie

It is strictly prohibited to consume alcohol purchased outside of the hotel within any area of the hotel including function suites, bedrooms and the hotels transport.  Any alcohol identified to have not been purchased within the hotel will be confiscated if found, we respectfully request that our guests do not attempt to bring any alcohol into Balbirnie.

All festive tribute and party nights may be attended by our security contractor who will search all handbags and ask for all gifts, party bags and all coats and jackets to be checked in to our cloakroom which is free to use and secure.  Should we have reason to believe alcohol purchased off site is being consumed in bedroom accommodation we will enter and confiscate all alcohol for which proof of purchase is not available.

Service to drunks and prevention of drunken behaviour

Any guest who appears to be drunk will not be served any alcohol or admitted to any public area of the hotel.  Should a guest appear to be drunk upon arrival they will not be admitted to either the function suite or bedroom accommodation should this have been reserved, under these circumstances no refund will be given.  Any guest attempting to purchase alcohol for another who is drunk will not be served.  Any guest who is considered to be acting in a severely drunken manner will be asked to leave the function suite, should they have accommodation booked they will be allowed to return to it.

Violent and Aggressive or Illegal behaviour

Our policy in this regard is strict and uncompromising.  Any guest who acts in an aggressive, violent or threatening manner will be ejected from the hotel immediately and asked not to return.  Under these circumstances the guests will not be allowed to return to bedroom accommodation and any personal possessions left in the room will be forwarded on at the hotels cost on the next working day, no refunds will be given.  Should the guest refuse to leave we will ask for the police to attend, should any injury to guests or employees or damage be caused to the hotel we will press charges and urge for prosecution.  Should any guest be found to be in possession of illegal drugs the police will be asked to attend and remove the guest.

Room Service and Late Bar

To purchase alcohol after our licensed hours for residents you must charge the cost of the drinks to your room account.  All guests will be asked to provide credit or debit card details which will be pre-authorised on arrival.  Any charges incurred by the guests in the room will be charged to the card details provided unless another payment method is used on check out.  The operation of the late bar and acceptance of room service orders is solely at the discretion of the hotel management.

Protection of Public Health

Over and above the policies outlined above the hotel will offer water without charge and a range of soft drinks will be available at a reasonable price.

Protecting Children from Harm

Alcohol will only be served to guests who are over the age of 18.  We operate a Challenge 25 policy, if a guest appears to be 25 or under (or someone for whom alcohol is being bought) then photographic ID will be requested, we only accept the new photo driving license or passport as proof of age.