Hi! My name is Balfour, the hotel Cocker Spaniel. I was born in 2016. Renata Fernandes, Editor of Five Star magazine said on twitter that I was Scotland’s cutest hotel dog, not sure about that but LOL the chicks certainly dig! When I wake in the morning, big Sis Ruby walks me at 6.30am. Then it’s time for my scrambled eggs. On days when I’m at work, I tend to hang out with my Dad in Balbirnie’s Technical Room in the mornings. I then join my Mummy and our wedding planners in our Special Events Team office in the afternoon, what a busy office. I always prefer a seat on which I can rest my chin. Favourite day resting position, flat on my back, all paws up, not a care in the world. Coolest public room position, that’s sausagin’, which is front paws out front, and back paws straight out the back, cool as!

I love meeting dogs who are visiting Balbirnie House for a holiday, we are totally a dog friendly hotel. And it’s great to sometimes get the chance to meet hotel clients as well. Lots of our brides and grooms bring their dogs for dogsmaid photographs on the wedding day, and the hotel even has recommendations in our literature, for dog care on the day. All the info is in the wedding dogumentation! Balbirnie is a great place to live, Balbirnie Park has such great walks. Some days my Dad takes me running in the park, on a bungee. My favourite walk in Fife is the iconic ‘Chariots of Fire’ St Andrews beach, but actually, when I’m there I don’t walk, I run, and run, and run. In dog terms, our most famous visitor to Balbirnie House has apparently been Snoop Dog, that dude certainly had a lot of doggy style!

I’m not allowed up on hotel chairs, but when I’m at home that’s a different story! There’s nothin’ better than getting up on a chair, and cosyin’ in with my crew. Especially my Mummy. I totally LOVE my Mummy!

Being a Cocker Spaniel, I need a haircut every 6 weeks, and this totally TOTALLY freaks me out, as they use electric clippers. Thankfully, the folks who do this for me at Shampoochez in Leslie are very sympathetic to my concerns.

Please ask to see me when you are visiting Balbirnie House, cheers for now, Balfie x

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