Walking Trips

Balbirnie is surrounded by a plethora of stunning walks, including hill walks, beach walks, loch walks:

  • Around Balbirnie Park itself
  • Lomond Hills
  • Falkland Hill
  • St. Andrews Beach (where the famous “Chariots of Fire” film scene took place)
  • Kingsbarnes beach
  • Aberdour beach walk
  • Fife coastal trail - simply stunning 
  • The Tetley trail hill walk which surrounds Loch Leven by Kinross (potentially incorporating part of the walk below)
  • Loch Leven by Kinross - lovely walk, up to 12 miles of flat walking around Loch Leven  (disabled access available along the whole route, with the possibility to hire disabled buggies at Kinross) Stop off at the super Loch Leven's larder enroute for a bite to eat and a bit of shopping! A fantastic day out.