Bistro al Fresco

In introducing ‘Bistro al Fresco’, out of necessity and to deliver health, safety and legal compliance with all emerging government guidelines, we have delivered many technological upgrades. These include 100% online reservations, ordering via the Balbirnie App (which you can install in advance of your visit, by opening the App Store (both Android and Apple compatible), searching Balbirnie House and simply download. And in tandem with this, direct digital payment. We no longer accept cash payments.

No telephone call bookings will be accepted.

Please note, having ordered via App, we will deliver what you have ordered, via cloched tray service, onto table side tray stands. Guests collect from tray, then return empty dishes to tray, continuing to order further as required from the App.

We are absolutely delighted to be opening offering our full cocktail list, our full wine list and our full selection of beers and spirits.

Whilst offering external dining, we will be providing salt and pepper sachets. Ketchups and HP sauces will be served as small side orders.

We can only process food and beverage orders, if ordered via App. Our staff will not be able to take verbal orders.

All of our cutlery, glassware and crockery, is washed using industrial temperature machines and sanitiser.

Our external dining incorporates the use of 3m x 3m gazebos. Each of these is for one set of reserved guests, with capacity for up to two tables each with 4 guests. Subject of course to national government guidelines on social distancing.

Each gazebo has 4 sides, 3 of these have windows and the other is the door. Depending on the weather, all sides can be rolled up, down or half’n’half. For gazebo seating, we are opening initial areas equipped with truly deluxe seating, polished stainless steel cantilever chairs, trimmed in Andrew Muirhead soft Scottish burnt Sienna fine leather.

If the weather is beautiful Bistro al Fresco is designed so that tables can be positioned in the sun, as each set of guests wish. If you wish shade from the sun, move back under the gazebo please.

In embracing our usual Scandinavian Hygge, a suggestion, especially for those rare Scottish evenings when its less than 20 degrees outside. If you wish to bring a wee blanket for your knees, feel free to do so.

Please note, we are not currently offering a coat storage service.

Our external Wi-Fi has been very significantly upgraded, to deliver order by App capability, as well as general web browsing.

We have installed a befitting external sound system, and will be delivering a relaxed Euro downtempo groove, which picks up the pace as the night progresses. If 8pm tables wish to dance onwards until 11pm closure, then feel free. Please note, that in delivering external music, we will be limiting volumes so that it doesn’t cause any issues for our nearest park neighbours.

For those who wish to reserve a gazebo for a business meeting, with 3m x 3m sizing, it is possible to have e.g. 2 tables of 2 guests with 2 metre social distancing maintained.

Please note, for those wishing to use the Rest Rooms, we are temporarily operating with ‘a one way system’. We entrust in our guests to use common sense in terms of how many guests can be in a rest room, whilst maintaining social distancing measures. Having used sinks in rest rooms, and then used door handles to exit rest rooms, we provide further hand sanitisers en route back to your dining area. Our rest rooms will of course be getting maintained to sanitisation standards, even further beyond any level we have ever delivered, and to all required guidelines.

For those guests who are less abled, due to the architecture of the building and ramp access, we will be providing a slightly different mostly one way system for the less abled rest room. Our brigade will be delighted to show you the most relevant route. The return journey will perhaps need to be escorted by one of your fellow guests, to avoid any issues with non-social distancing. We can easily explain on the day.

In delivering social distancing, we will still aim to provide all usual aspects of our warmth of welcome of Scotland Hospitality.


Daily Opening Times

Opening hours:

Monday – Sunday

12noon – 11pm


With tables bookable at:

12noon & 2pm – Lunch

4pm – Afternoon Tea

6pm & 8pm – Dinner

*for 8pm tables our closing time is 11pm


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