Balbirnie To Go

We are delighted to announce that we are extending our operations to now offering an Outside Catering service.

This service will be run quite simply as Balbirnie House Outside Catering. Over the last 20 years (without promoting any such service) we have catered for quite a variety of one-off bespoke external events, from boardroom lunches, to canapés and cocktail receptions, to weddings, BBQ’s and various special celebrations. We are now able to provide a full-on outside catering service, and will be delighted to quote for any event of any size.

During the build-up to an outside catering event our Special Events Planning Department will work closely with our clients to address the exact specifics of the occasion. Underpinning Balbirnie House Outside Catering are the strong foundations of The Balbirnie Brand, providing a very firm reassurance that our clients will have a supplier that can be totally relied upon. Our Outside Catering services blend a long tradition of great food and outstanding service, professional event planning and bespoke attention to detail.

We will be happy to consider any event, from private house parties, to provision of regular contract services. Weddings are obviously a particular Balbirnie speciality!

For more info please email Sarah Rees in our Special Events Department:


T: 01592 610066