Management Contracts

Our company is now able to offer Hotel Management Contracts, which provide services which are tailored to the bespoke requirements of an individual property. These are designed to complement and supplement the existing provisions within individual hotels, focussing on creating greater efficiency, more profitability, and enhanced asset value.

For an Administrative Management Contract - Our services filter directly through the property General Manager, with whom we will liaise as required to produce Monthly Data Packs (MDP). We work with the GM to create the MDP, enabling the property owner to then have an instant snapshot of the performance of the business.

For an Administrative and Operational Contract - We will take complete responsibility for all aspects of the successful running of the property.

Our services are very competitively priced, and we aim to provide a superb return on the investment made. In summary, our objective is to maximise the returns of the property owner.

In terms of  Strategic Asset Sales - If you are thinking of selling your hotel(s) there are very significant potential financial benefits which can be enhanced by strategically planning the sale. For more information on that please visit -

If any of these services are of interest then please contact Nicholas Russell, Hotel Director /